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Inner City Industry, Inc.

Economic Empowerment * Whole-School District Transformation * Cultural Understanding

Increase economic opportunity in historically low-income communities to enable access to community-based Behavioral Healthcare while building school-community social connections.

Partner with Local Education Agencies to promote opportunities for students to achieve post-secondary career readiness through high-quality educational experiences that acknowledge student goals, learning styles and abilities to advance K-12 education into the knowledge-age paradigm of teaching and learning.

Support community capacity-building to increase stakeholder knowledge as “System Thinkers” coordinating providers within a continuum of systems.



CHES builds capacity of traditional direct/primary care services establishing a continuum of systems linking prevention to early intervention services.

CHES strengthens the provider safety-net enhancing collaborations with community-based organizations, enabling a coordinated referral processes.

CHES enhances workforce education training, and will coordinate professional development in order to establish integrated Wellness Teams.

CHES develops prevention early intervention workforce preparation program for transition-age youth to promote an organic community-based workforce that matures with its environment.

CHES coordinates engagement with Schools of Social Work, Public Health and Administration Programs to advance learning processes that develop culturally congruent Behavioral Healthcare Professionals.

CHES envisions changing the assessment and recording-keeping system from standardized, time-based student progress to custom (personalized) attainment-based student progress.



  • Our approach

    We expand the Social and Human Service Assistants Labor Market to include Peer Mentors and Peer Specialists, employing transition-aged youth to deliver social emotional learning support to children and adolescents!

  • Our method

    Our Whole-school District Transformation establishes a Continuum of Healthcare and Education System (CHES) as a framework to guide large-scale systematic organizational and community change!

  • We envision

    Thriving communities where previously low-income individuals have rewarding, economically-lucrative jobs and careers, and relate well with each other due to socio-emotional and cultural understanding having embraced their collective strength as systemic change makers that revitalize their community!

  • We evaluate

    Whole-system change processes and capacity-building strategies while monitoring transformation goals and outcomes. In the long-term we will build to measure whole-community school attendance, unemployment, graduation rates and social determinate of health indicators.



Special Events


Behavioral Healthcare Advocacy

Retired Professionals


Urban Revitalization Builders

Embrace the mission and core values of Inner City Industry and desire to revitalize one of our country’s vulnerable communities where nearly 47 million Americans reside in poverty. Requires a four-year commitment.


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